-gyro steering-

The first part of this video will teach you about Gyro Steering. Gyro Steering makes it so that if you turn your robot by accident it will self correct itself to go straight. This will make your code much more reliable. We use gyro steering in everyone of our codes and benefited so much when we learned about it.

the robot

This year, based on the City Shaper board, there are main things that you want to focus on while building your robot.

   1) Make your robot small so it can move around the board with speed. (the mat is much smaller this year and you do not need a large robot to complete the missions)

2) You want to make sure that you have light sensors that you can take advantage of all the lines in the boards.

      3) Have a gyro on your robot so that you can use Gyro Steering (see above) to make your code more reliable.

     4) Make sure your robot has square sides so that you can back up into the walls to straighten out your robot during your run. 

being a technician

A technician is the person who stands a the table at a competition and controls the robot.