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The Project is when a team identifies a problem within an building or public space in their community and comes up with a solution.

the problem

The problem we choose to address is that school buildings consume unnecessarily large quantities of energy resulting in high carbon emissions. In general, students do not have the knowledge they need to make substantial change in their schools and communities as they lack awareness of the CO2 emissions and embodied carbon specific to their buildings.

our solution

To address these problems we want to code a digital interface that students can use to learn about the specific effects their building have on the environment in terms of it’s embodied carbon and CO2 emissions. The interface will include various parameters that relate to the building such as: How thick the walls are and whether the windows are double or triple glazed. To use this interface students would go around their schools and measure the different parameters. They would then enter their measurements into our program. Using this information the interface would return to the students the likely embodied carbon amounts and CO2 emissions of their building. The interface would then show the students specific actions they could take to make their school more sustainable. This would empower them with the knowledge they need to make change.