Our team does not have one leader who leads the whole team, we break up into smaller groups with leaders. For example we have a leader for the Project, Core Values, and Robot Game. This allows us to work together and evolve our work in a more effective way.


We have been doing FLL for 3 years now so we all know each other very well. We have learned a lot from year to year based on our judging and try to implement and learn from that as much as we can. We have been practicing Core Values Exercises throughout the year and hope to use what we learn as much ass we can.


Over the years we slowly deciphered the term FIRST invents for FLL. Coopertition (TM): to be in a spirit of cooperation and competition at the same time. As a team we try to combine as many of our ideas together to create the most effective attachment or project. As we want to get far in the competitions we want to get the best out of our experience.