The Ocean and Surfing

I live right by the ocean and it is my favorite thing to take pictures. I have grown up surfing since I was 4 and have always found joy and beauty in waves and wanted to capture that in my pictures. 

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*Cape Hedge in Rochport MA.


*Maria's beach in Puerto Rico.

*Maya Karl surfing at Jobos beach in Puerto Rico.

*Good Harbor in Rochport MA.


*Water line at Lanes Cove


*Above shot at Jobos Beach in Puerto Rico.

*Asher Sauder surfing at Jobos beach in Puerto rico.

*Tim Sauder surfing at Jobos beach in Puerto Rico.


swim 1.jpg

*Tim Sauder swimming

swim 4.jpg

*Tim Sauder swimming

swim 2.jpg

*Tim Sauder swimming

swim 3.jpg

*Tim Sauder swimming

- Olive Sauder -


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